May 31, 2017 Episode 89: Mark Walker | Increase Income, Decrease Expenses

What a pleasure having the founder of Luxmana Investments, a real estate investment company that focuses on residential and multifamily investments, Mark Walker on our show! As a multifamily investor himself, Mark knows his way around the market. His formula for unlocking the value of a property allows him to recognize a good deal when he sees one.

When it comes to investments, you have to tread with caution. Not every investment is going to be a good one and not everyone you meet is going to be the right person to go into business with. Do research, run a background check, learn about the property and about investments in this business as a whole before forking over money you do not want to lose.   

So many people watch those infomercials late at night about making more money by doing less and they get excited about getting involved with such an easy and profitable business. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a difference between smart investments and throwing money into the wind. This is a tough business and so many make the mistake of investing more than they can afford to lose. As Mark shares, you can only learn from those mistakes, but your greatest asset in this business is to keep on learning.  

There is value in investing in residential and multifamily properties, but the key to success is being able to increase the net operating income of a property. Take a listen as Mark graciously shares some helpful tips for determining your desired criteria when investing in real estate and how to achieve profitable success.

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode.

  • The Importance of Learning
  • Unlocking the Value in an Investment
  • How to Invest Wisely
  • The Key to Increasing Property Income