March 30, 2016 Episode 45: Shannon Moore | Are you teaching your KIDS about Real Estate?

This is a great topic that I think few of us think about, but are we taking the time to not only tell our kids about what we do, but SHOW them.

Listen in on how Mary Shannon Smith not only survives Hurricane Charlie by focusing on investors to rehab the devastated city but teaches her 14 Year old daughter… yes I said 14 years old … how to buy her very own first rental.

There is a great saying I heard years ago, “it’s not the commissions that make you rich, it’s what you DO with the commissions that will make you rich”!

What are you doing with your commissions? Are you not only investing in real estate yourself, but are you TEACHING your kids?

Not only is Shannon an inspiration as a parent but she created one of the largest Real Estate Facebook Groups for real estate agents in less than 3 months.

This podcast is worth the time to listen to. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments over on our blog at