June 24, 2016 Episode 57: Leigh Brown | More Than Houses

With 75 million dollars in sales under her belt last year, Leigh Brown and I shared one of the funniest and most thought provoking recordings yet! Her honesty was so on point when it came to the direction our industry is headed. If we want to see a change, we need to be willing to be that change. Get involved, take the time to advocate for our industry, and we’d all be better for it.

We get such a bad rep as realtors because brokerages focus on the number of agents they hire instead of how many of those agents are capable of succeeding in this business. We are the only industry where likability trumps competency!

Listen in as we discuss the importance of being authentic realtors from our involvement in our community, our business organization, and our client connections.  


Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

·        Why 85% of Agents Get Out of the Business After 2 years

·        Making Competency more important than Likability

·        2 Key Factors that lead to Success

·        How to be proactive instead of reactive