December 22, 2015 Episode 17: Daniel Pendley | Great Agent’s Do Well in Any Market

I clearly remember when I first started in real estate, interest rates were at 10% and I remember being so excited when they dropped to an all time low of 9%! It still seemed that wasn’t good enough for many of the naysayer agents.

You see the one thing I have figured out in my now 20+ year career is that great agents do well in any market because they pay close attention to what is going on in the market and they SHIFT when necessary, they don’t bury their head in the sand, they don’t complain about the market, they LOOK for new opportunities.

On today’s podcast I had a true opportunity to talk to one of the BIG dogs in our industry and I have to tell you he gave so many FANTASTIC tips on what you can do RIGHT now to get you to your goals!