In my experience partnerships rarely work out and many timesit is because the expectations are not clear up front. But they can be sorewarding and help propel your business to the top when they DO work!

Listen in to some great insight and advice from SerialEntrepreneur Matt Aitchison who talks to us about how his amazing partnershipwith the beautiful Rachel Adams (who we also did a podcast with that you can hear here) has not onlysurvived but skyrocketed to success.

These two are definitely on the fast track to success! Wouldlove to hear your comments over on the blog! 

PS Stay tuned for a new podcast that Matt is hosting calledThe Millionaire Mentality, I know it’s gonna be great!

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Episode 31: Rachel Adams | A Super Star on the Rise!

December 28, 2015

A Super Star on the Rise….

This Gal is one to watch!

I personally have watched Rachel Adams go from Zero toRockStar in less than 3 years and I am so inspired by all that she has done andis doing.

She hits on so many great tips that you MUST listen to… fromMindset to how to make an Amazing partnership work and the importance ofknowing your numbers.

And most importantly she talks about Playing in your PassionPlace and some great ideas to focus on your strengths… and the launch of herLife changing book and program

So get ready for the New Year and listen in. Please commentover on my blog on the most valuable lesson you get from Rachel!