As real estate agents, we all invest in some sort of individual marketing- from monthly mailers to daily posts on social media. Technology has provided real estate agents with SO many platforms and opportunities to market ourselves, but where do we even begin?!


Have you ever looked up a book on Amazon and then logged into Facebook the next day only to find that same book advertised in your feed? How did they know?! That’s part of big data and if used correctly, it could drive the real estate industry home!  


Imagine someone browsing through listings online, suddenly you get a notification that a potential consumer is interested in buying/selling a home. You go to Facebook, send a friend request, start to build a relationship, and when they’re ready to commit you're right there as if fate drove that real estate agent to add that person on Facebook the SAME DAY they were browsing the internet for homes. GAME CHANGING!  


Big data is only one of the many ideas Nelle shared about the direction our industry is headed and what kind of outlet every agent should be investing their marketing budget into. Find out more as Nelle and I share all the benefits technology has to offer and how your marketing choices can give you an advantage our industry continues to progress.  


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Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Importance of Content
  • Knowing Your Target Audience
  • Getting a Jump on Big Data Marketing
  • The Key Element of Success
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