I had the most incredible conversation with founder and CEOof Fit International, Brett Campbell. I was so inspired by everything he isdoing with his life and what he stands for. He recently wrote a book called,“Right Now! Why Not You...And Why Not NOW?” where he not only helps youdiscover who you truly are, what you stand for, and how to go our execute thatmoving forward.

What great questions to start asking ourselves. Why not you?Why not now? Those questions fall into so many aspects of life including realestate. We all have dreams and desires for ourselves and our business, whetherit’s to sell more, make more, have more free time, hire help, build a team…thequestion remains, what’s stopping you? Money? Time? MAKE the time! Budget forthe money! Life is too short to not be living to our full potential. We allknow who we want to be; we have the ideal best version of ourselves inside ourheads, but we spend SO MUCH TIME scared to take the leap and actually BE thebest we can be.

I walked away from this conversation completely blown away.His positive driven attitude is not only phenomenal, but contagious!  Take a listen and I guarantee you’ll walkaway inspired to unleash your greatness and buy his book so you too can findout how to make YOUR best self a reality.

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  • How to Reach Your Full Potential
  • 4 Areas We Must Develop as Humans
  • The Importance of Live to Your Fill Potential
  • The Difference Believing in Yourself Makes
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