I could not be more thrilled to have Bill Crane back on the show for another FANTASTIC interview! As a fellow coach and recent author of the book “Generating New Clients,” we never run out of concepts to discuss and tips to share!

As realtors, we spend almost all of our time focusing on the profit, but that’s not always a bad thing. It sounds selfish, right? What about the clients? What about their needs? Well that’s just it. It’s not about choosing between commission and the client; it’s about recognizing they go hand in hand. Without a profit for both yourself AND your client, there would be no transaction to begin with and no business to grow! The key is in the quality of service you provide while striving for that mutual profit.

Listen as we discuss the importance of valuing our clients and ensuring we are the only ones they ever want to do business with again.

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

·         Key Components for Marketing

·         How to Master Your Craft

·         The Importance of a Profit

·         Two Rules for Succeeding in Business

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