I took SO many notes while chatting with hiring expert,Christy Grossman. Now there’s a woman that knows how to hire and train a GREAT team!

There comes a point in our business where we get so inundatedthat the only way we can continue to succeed at that next level is by hiring someoneto help us maintain it. Our tendency is to either hire the first person thatwalks by or the first person we hit it off with. Like with everything, having ahiring process in place is what can make that hire not only work, but last.

Christy shares amazing tips on how to develop that processand explains why taking the time to train an assistant is worth the investment.If you are on the fence about when to hire, knowing who’s going to be profitablefor your business, or how to develop that hiring process, look no further;Christy’s advice will set you in the right direction. Grab a pen and take somenotes, it’ll definitely be worth your time!

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Here are some of the key takeaways youget from this episode.

  • 3 Key Components for Hiring an Assistant
  • How to Expand Your Team
  • Hiring with a Purpose 
  • Knowing When to Hire
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